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LR icons is a collection of free SVG icons for left and right navigation.Please feel free to use these icons as design parts for websites, applications, DTP, and video media.

Terms of Use

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We do not waive copyright. The copyright to all the materials distributed on this site belongs to the author. The materials can be freely processed and used, but the copyright will not be transferred or transferred by processing.


  • We do not provide individual support.
  • We do not accept requests for processing or adding materials.
  • We do not accept any requests for making icons.
  • The author shall not be responsible for any problems in using the materials on this site.
  • We do not answer questions about the handling of SVG files.
  • How to embed them in style sheets and HTML, how to change colors, how to deal with bugs, how to edit them, etc.
  • The original data was created with Affinity Designer.

About the Author

Seiji Uchiyama. I’m a Japanese web designer who works under the name “volume2”.

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